1. MBC-009 ILIAD by Homer

    December 4, 2020 by Chris Motley


    Emily Austin is Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Chicago, and author of Grief and the Hero: the Futility of Longing in the IliadHer area of expertise is emotion in the ancient world.

    Show Notes: 

    Below are the topics covered in this conversation (with time stamps). 

    Supreme grief as “lost wholeness” [6:00]

    Cultural concepts that are difficult to translate [8:45]

    Imperishable glory, and other key themes [10:50]

    The Iliad: a story that’s more real then real [16:45]

    Listening to the Iliad in Greek [23:53]

  2. MBC-002 THE PROPHET by Gibran

    September 22, 2020 by Chris Motley
    May Rihani is the Gibran Chair of Values and Peace at the University of Maryland. Like Gibran, May was born in Lebanon and has lived much of her adult life in the US. She is the author of eight books addressing issues of girls’ education, women’s empowerment, and global human development.


  3. MBC-001 Introducing The Mouse Book Club Podcast

    September 21, 2020 by Chris Motley