We are a group of designers and readers who want to improve the portable reading experience, so we had the idea for the Mouse Book Club.  To test it out, we handmade a 100-copy HOLIDAY EDITION and sent them out as surprise gifts.  The response was overwhelming, so we got to work making more.  We started a book club to discuss the books and began interviewing experts to help us get a deeper understanding of the literature.  We posted these sessions online and the Mouse Book Club started to rapidly grow.

We believe there is no substitute for a beautiful physical book.  We love to feel the page turn, to underline passages and dog ear pages.  We love to bump into our books while rummaging through our purse and how they beg to be read.  We love to leave our finished books on airplanes, the train, the Uber and imagine where they end up.  

How It Works

CURATE: Our Mouse editors carefully curate selections of literature, short stories, speeches, poetry, and more, all structured around themes that are topical, challenging, and varied.  We create a great literary playlist.

DESIGN: Each text is thoughtfully designed cover-to-cover to make the reading experience easy, fun, and beautiful.  

BUY: Readers can buy a single book or themed three-pack.  The best way to enjoy Mouse Books is to become member.  Members receive 4 quarterly themed 3-packs a year, bonus books, and other surprises. 

READ & SHARE: Read Mouse Books on a plane, during your commute, in a coffee shop, at the dentist, at home.  Start your own book club.  Give your friends and family the gift of great literature.  Engage a conversation with a fellow MBC reader. 

REFLECT: Reading without reflection is like eating without digestion (Edmund Burke). Reading Mouse Books is just the first step: We organize online discussions, host weekly PODCASTS, and support local book clubs.  

BUILD COMMUNITY: The Mouse Book Club brings people together around great works of literature.


Do Mouse Books contain abridged works?

The selections vary from text to text.

Many works are included in their entirety, especially short stories like Herman Melville's Bartleby or James Joyce's The Dead.

Other books contain key selections from larger works. For example, for our edition of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Brothers Karamazov we chose two long chapters: 'Rebellion' and 'The Grand Inquisitor.' In cases like these, the sub-stories within a large narrative stand nicely on their own. 

In rare cases, such as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, we sampled various letters throughout the text, which were taken from different parts of the book, but flow nicely when read together.

The goal is to get access to the core elements of storytelling of the author. If you find that you like a smaller episode that is part of a larger work, get your hands on the full book.


Can I become a member if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. Shipping costs is a significant challenge, so at the moment we only ship once annually. You still get a great deal on books in addition to benefitting from all the online content available through our website.

Can you help me start a book club?

Yes! We don’t have a system in place for this yet, but contact us. We will work with you. The world needs more book clubs!


Mouse Books offers wholesale pricing for retail locations. Please contact motley@mousebookclub.com for details.


Are you a collector? Let us know. In the process of making Mouse Books we generate all kinds of interesting things that you may find interesting and we might be able to share with you. Email dewane@mousebookclub.com and identify yourself. 


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