January 15, 2021



Stanley Fish is the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Yeshiva University. Stanley established his reputation as a leading Miltonist with his 1967 book Surprised by Sin. Fish’s 2001 book, How Milton Works, reflects five decades’ worth of his scholarship on Milton.

Show Notes:

Below are the topics covered in this conversation (with time stamps). 

How to accidentally becoming a world-class Milton expert. [2:00]

A bracing description of how the character of Satan works. [4:30]

Reading Satan after you realize you’ve been duped. [12:30]

Milton’s techniques for describing the indescribable [16:23]

Paradise Lost and political and cultural conflicts in Milton’s day. [20:28]

Introducing George Herbert: champion of stringency of thought. [27:00]

Diversity and the challenge of cultural literacy in the 21st century. [30:50]

Seeing Milton in our society today. [37:42]

Life’s ultimate challenge: achieving the paradise within. [41:50]


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