On Refusal

The theme of refusal is crucial to our current world Rather than a naïve, rebellious act of a youth who refuses to grow up, refusal is a deeply ethical act, a renunciation of that which nauseates and insults. The selections in this bundle demonstrate this deep refusal. Many of us are in a position to refuse, but lack the wherewithal or insight to know where and how to refuse. This bundle can point us in that direction.

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On Refusal: Blog Post

The topic of refusal was inspired in part by Teju Cole’s essay titled “A Time for Refusal.” “Refusal” probes deeper than the ubiquitous “Resistance” in that it invites an assessment not only of men and their regimes, all temporary. It also invites an assessment of everything that allows political, social, and moral disaster to transpire. Resistance is easy, an outlet for sanctimonious outrage. Refusal brings enduring requirements, not the least of which is to become, at last, the change we wish to see in the world. The imperative of refusal will remain long after the push for resistance subsides.